Episode 10
"Science is our Religion"
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"Science is our Religion"

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Brigham Young and other prophets describe technological advances as "gifts" from God.



  • Neal Silvester

    Jan 13, 2016 12:44 am

    I have a friend who I used to talk about this kind of thing with late into the night. Get into the super deep, profound aspects of physics and the chemistry of the cosmos and theories about where Kolob was, the plausibility of more spatial dimensions that we just couldn’t perceive, all that stuff. He left on a mission, came back, got married, and within a year had left the church. I still don’t know all the exact reasons, except that he is a secular humanist now, the kind that hangs on every word of wisdom the great scientists deign to say. I wish I could get him to see what this podcast communicates! No philosophy more embraces the domain of science than ours, and certainly no other philosophy features such a grand vision of the cosmos—-not just its descriptive data, but its purposes! Sometimes I understand why science-enthusiasts have a low view of religion—-they’re looking at those who believe in a heaven of mere harp-strumming. I think part of the gospel’s mandate for us is that we need to show the world what religion is truly capable of. We need to show them a different kind of theology: that of soulcraft, godhood, and eternal progression. Would that the world had the same vision of life’s purposes and possibilities as we do! That is, of course, our job as latter-day saints. It’s just sad when people have seen the depth the gospel can reach—-those who have tasted of the fruit of the tree of life—-and then turn away when the world mocks and scorns.

    I’m a speculative fiction writer too, Chris. And I think it’s our duty to share the vision of our existence we’ve been granted with our readers in ways that they will understand. Stories of the sci-fi and fantasy genres, which Mormons seem to be implicitly drawn to for the reasons you’ve laid out, are supremely capable of sharing that vision. That makes us supremely responsible for doing just that.

  • donna sexton

    Jan 14, 2016 3:13 am

    hi chris, I would very much like to request that you do a podcast on wearying the Lord until blessings come. I am going thru a very hard time now and I believe knowing more about this would help me and my family a lot.

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