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Episode 23 Now Posted as a Full Documentary

 Jun 19, 2017

"The Legacy of Mormon and Moroni: Unique perspectives on the last decades of The Book of Mormon" is now on the ForeverLDS YouTube channel.

I posted the first completed documentary on our YouTube channel: "Episode 23: The Legacy of Mormon and Moroni--Unique perspectives on the last decades of The Book of Mormon". A ton of work! Almost like directing a motion picture.

I hope visuals make this much more fun and entertaining. The topic is fascinating! At least to me. No, the movie isn't perfect. I learned every program from scratch. In fact, I'm no longer satisfied with "watered-down" versions and demand the full professional versions. I haven't edited a film since "Passage to Zarahemla". Suffice it to say editing technology has transformed a bit. Even on "Passage" I only edited the first pass. It was then much improved by David Broberg and John Lyde.

I borrowed video images from a couple LDS movies, which turned out rather grainy. Oh well. Live and learn. Overall, I'm quite pleased. For fans of ForeverLDS.com, this is "required viewing". 😎

I would deeply appreciate "Likes" (if "liked") and FEEDBACK. ESPECIALLY from those who specifically requested that I put MYSELF in the movies as the narrator. Like YOU, Mark Perryman!

I'll soon delete the "Opening 10 Minutes" version of this movie. It's very rough anyway, with no music or SFX.

Stay close to the Lord,

Chris Heimerdinger

Not sure if the link below goes directly to the new movie. Go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NP_bgD31to&t=1233s

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