Episode 57
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ForeverLDS Spotlight

 May 17, 2017

Remembering Rhoda Allen, Wife of Joseph L. Allen, Ph.D

Greetings Readers,

Recently Rhoda Allen, the wife of Dr. Joseph Allen, passed away. I first met Joe and Rhoda in 1988 when I went on a Book of Mormon geography and archeology tour to Mexico and Guatemala. Rhoda was always a magnificent presence on these tours, which often involved grueling bus rides over dangerous mountain passes and the usual oppressive heat and humidity of Central America. We learned a lot listening to Joe lecture and teach at the various sites that Joe believed to have direct correllaries to Book of Mormon events. Rhoda was always there beside him, offering her full support. She was a calming and reassuring presence for everyone who knew her. I am honored to have known such a fine person. And pleased to have the opportunity to make ForeverLDS and it's podcast and blog a place to continue the quest of learning about the Book of Mormon and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but also to spotlight people like Rhoda who set such a wonderful example of grace and kindness. To read further details honoring her memory, go here!

Stay close to the Lord,


Chris Heimerdinger


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