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Episode 23
LDS Podcast: The Legacy of Mormon and Moroni
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Session 6: Business of Storytelling: Lecture 1

The Professional LDS Storytellers Workshop is the first of it's kind. Session 6 may be the most valuable yet!

Introducing...Our New You Tube Channel

Subscribe and watch it build.

5th Annual LDS Family Education Conference

March 9th, 10th & 11th, 2017 at Coco Keys Water Resort & Hotel, Omaha, Nebraska

A Few More Paragraphs from "Thorns of Glory"

An action scene from Tennis Shoes Adventure Series, Volume 13: "Thorns of Glory"

"In Person" Professional Writing Workshop

News about the Upcoming "Tennis Shoes" Vol, 13 and Chris' 8-week Professional Writing Workshop at Kimber Academy in Preston, ID starting Friday, Sept. 23.


Giving Brother Joseph "A Break"

Examining the First Vision and Elder Andersen's comments in General Conference.


Snippet from Tennis Shoes Adventure Series,

Just wanted to let folks know the book is coming along swimmingly.


Post-Millennial Book of Mormon Scholarship

The geographical setting for the Hill Cumorah and other locations in my novels are speculative.


Thorns of Glory Prologue

Prologue to Thorns of Glory


A Gala Affair: Premier of "Meet the Mormons"

Last night I attended the premier of Meet the Mormons at Jordon Commons in Sandy, UT.


The Book of Mormon: A Brilliant Mess

How The Book of Mormon's complexity is a greater witness of its truthfulness


The Latest from Cumorah's Hill

Speculative Locations of the hill Cumorah.